Latest news one year after creation of the web site

Hello dear musicians and music lovers,

For music lovers : the audio files will gradually come back again on the site with a downloading price of € 1 (with a few exceptions) and listening to music online is still possible when a recording or a playback exists

For musicians : the score prices have been mostly smoothed and reduced at 3 € (5 or 8 € for some developed and consistent scores). Orchestral scores apart. Score extracts are always available for downloading.

Some CDs can be purchased on the web site.

New musics and scores online (in progress) 

  • Danse hongroise (Hungarian dance) for piano and orchestra
  • Fantaisie concertante for piano and orchestra (in 4 movements : Allegro elegante – Presto scherzando – Andantino – Allegro marcato)
  • Parfum d’orient, duet for flute and piano
  • Sérénité for piano.

We hope you enjoy listening to the new musical pieces or playing them on your instrument.

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Thank you for visiting us and take care.